Free Bounce House 24-Hour Rental Offer

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Lawton Inflatable's Free Bounce House 24-Hour Rental Offer! We're excited to provide this special promotion to our cherished customers. Please review the following terms and conditions to ensure a delightful and secure experience.

1. Eligibility: This offer is available to customers who have booked with us and spent a minimum of $200 within the past five years. The offer is valid for one 24-hour rental period per every $200 spent, subject to verification in our system.

2. Offer Details: Eligible customers can rent a regular bounce house for a 24-hour period on any day excluding holidays. This offer is subject to availability and may be altered or withdrawn at our discretion.

3. Bounce House Themes: Customers can choose from three bounce house themes(see below): Tropical, Castle, and Pink.

4. Pickup and Return: Customers are welcome to pick up and return the bounce house to our designated location at no extra charge. If delivery and pickup services are requested, a fee of $50 will apply. This service is limited to customers within a 25-minute one-way drive from our location. Setup is not included.

5. Cleaning Deposit: A $25 cleaning deposit is required at the time of rental. If the bounce house is returned clean and in the same condition as it was provided, this deposit will be fully refunded. In the event that the bounce house is not cleaned upon return, Lawton Inflatables will undertake the cleaning, and the deposit will not be refunded.

6. Safety and Usage Guidelines:

- The bounce house must be cleaned by the customer after use.

- A maximum of four children are allowed on the bounce house at any given time.

- The bounce house is not suitable for individuals over 100 lbs.

- The bounce house should not be used in wind gusts exceeding 12 mph or in wet conditions.

- The bounce house must be monitored at all times, especially during commercial-type events.

- This offer is intended for small children only.

7. Liability: Customers are responsible for the safe use of the bounce house during the rental period. Lawton Inflatables will not be liable for any accidents or injuries occurring while the bounce house is in the customer's possession.

8. Cancellation and Changes: Lawton Inflatables reserves the right to cancel, alter, or refuse the offer at any time.

9. Acceptance of Terms: Participation in this offer constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions.

For further information or questions regarding this offer, please contact us at [580-919-3040].