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Lobounce house- book onlineoking for bounce house rental in Lawton OK? We offer moon bouncers, jump houses, jump combos, or anything that kids can jump, run or slide on in Lawton. We are Lawton Inflatable Rentals and we specialize in providing high quality affordable inflatable rentals. We offer our service to individuals wishing to use them for birthday party’s or family reunions all the way up to large festivals and corporate events. We are a family owned and operated business right here in Lawton,OK and we look forward to providing your event with FUN FUN FUN!! Here at Lawton Inflatable Rentals we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and having repeat customers. After all in our line of business word of mouth and personal referrals are a big part of our business. Our inflatable jump and bounce house rentals are always clean, sanitized and ready to provide fun for the entire family.

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bounce house safetySafety Is Always #1 at Lawton Inflatable Rentals!

Did you know that Lawton Inflatables is the only SIOTO certified company? Not just in Lawton but in all of Southwest Oklahoma! This means all of our staff are fully trained in all aspects of safety matters for each unit we rent and that they are experts at staffing inflatables for your events. We are all AISOC or Advanced Inflatable Safety Operations Certification Approved and have the skills and abilities to operate practically any inflatable unit ranging from larger slides, water units, obstacle courses, inflatable carnival games and interactive games.

Birthday Parties - Bounce house rental in Lawton OK is affordable and fun. We deliver and setup your bounce house in your own yard!!

Family Reunions and Corporate Picnics - They only happen occasionally so make your next reunion one to remember. Get a moonwalk, bounce house, or jump house for the kids. Our bounce house rentals can make your event one that will never be forgotten!

Festivals and Carnivals - We offer one-stop shopping for all your festival and carnival needs. We also offer great package deals where our fees come from ticket sales. Get all the details in our Fundraising section. We are the number one choice for bounce house rental in Lawton OK.

Get Attention For Your Business – Are you having a Grand Opening or a Special Sale event? We promise nothing gets peoples attention more than a giant bounce house. Even if kids are not your market audience, we promise they will drag their parents to your Business just to get a chance to jump in one of our awesome bounce houses!

Daycare, Summer Camp, and Vacation Bible School - What are you going to do for fun this year? Book a package deal for multiple rentals or items and you can save a lot and still offer the kids a ton of fun with multiple bounce houses, combo units, and throw in an obstacle course for the teens!

Licensed and Insured - Lawton Inflatables is fully insured and licensed to offer bounce house rentals in Lawton, OK as well as the entire state of Oklahoma. When renting a bounce house for your party or event insure the company that you are using is fully licensed and insured. This ensures you will be getting a top quality bounce house or inflatable from a company that operates safely.

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